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linkman;Mr. Tang
Address:The garden Gang Jie Hangzhou city of Zhejiang Province, No. 168 Building 2 building 1008 room structure
The current position:黑龙江22选5奖池多少钱 >> contact
Company name: Hangzhou crown glass bottle Co. Ltd.
Crystal crown official website: 黑龙江22选5奖池多少钱 www.vqczic.com.cn
Crystal Crown International Trade Platform: www.glass-bottle.en.alibaba.com
Contact person: Tang Jun brew (Deputy General Manager)
Service telephone: 86-0571-88773919 56252933
Hand machine: 13065721972
Business fax: 86-0571-81131917
E-mail1:[email protected]
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Address: Hangzhou province Zhejiang City Garden Gang Street No. 168 Building 2 building 1008 room structure

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